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Sunshine Dental
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Sunshine Dentistry was founded by Dr. Bill Ardito in the 1980's. Over time he developed the current team of experienced hygienists and dental assistants who not only have great skill and experience in dental medicine, but are welcoming and personable. Their patients enjoy seeing and chatting with them on each visit. Sunshine Dentistry Nogales partnered with the existing staff to continue providing the excellent service Dr. Ardito's patients had come to expect and deserve after Dr. Ardito passed away in 2020. 

Sunshine Dentistry currently has two dentists, Dr. Hartung and Dr. Garfield. Both have extensive knowledge and experience in general dentistry with over 25 years under their belts. Dr. Hartung specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry while Dr. Garfield provides surgical services such as root canals and dental implants.

USA Sterilization & Safety Standards

Are you thinking of partaking in "dental tourism"? While we do not consider ourselves in competition with Mexican dentists we do think it is important to educate our patients and community about the differences and advantages of American dental care. Often noted is the difference in cost of treatment. There can be an exceptional high cost to pay for low priced treatment.

The biggest contribution to the price difference of your treatment in America is mostly due to the high standards that keep you as a patient healthy, safe and covered if something were to go wrong. This comes in the form of regulations (i.e. making sure our instruments are sterilized properly to not spread infection), malpractice insurance, materials used and yes, quality of work.

We created a PDF that shows the USA's Dentistry Sterilization & Safety Laws that we encourage our patients to read. For any questions surrounding this and dental tourism, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our team can talk with you and discuss any concerns you may have.

Sunshine Dentistry should be your first contact whether need routine cleaning or extensive dental work. Call Sunshine Dentistry at 520-761-1600.


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